PALGN: Lips Review

PALGN writes: "To many people, karaoke is a word that conjures up images of scummy little dives in the middle of the CBD - of venues filled with white collar workers warbling out a one-hit wonder or two after work. While to others, images of their bogan uncle breaking out into a drunken rendition of "Khe Shan" at the latest family function is something they can relate to. Face it, whether or not you fancy yourself to be a karaoke wonder, you probably have a story or two like those described. You can thank the ever growing market of casual gaming for that. Since the likes of SingStar and Guitar Hero appeared on our consoles in recent years, the musical party game has become something of a phenomenon. After copping a battering from Sony's SingStar in the console wars of the previous generation, Microsoft has finally hit back with their own karaoke title, Lips in an effort to entice the casual gamer to the Xbox 360. But while Lips does hit a couple of high notes, it doesn't quite reach up to the gold standard set by the SingStar franchise - something which even the most recent SingStar titles are struggling to achieve - as its slick package feels more like a home karaoke simulator than an actual game."

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