The Laser : Motorstorm:Pacific Rift Review

Michael Palisano writes "Gamers looking for a simulation or even any sense of realism are going to be disappointed, but the arcade-style physics and controls make Motorstom: Pacific Rift an excellent title that should please those looking for a quick adrenaline rush. It's open-ended structure makes progression easy, which creates an instantly enjoyable, but also deeply engaging game that allows you to go deeper and unlock numerous extras. The diverse tracks mark a big improvement from the first title, giving the races added punch. An increased number of hazards and traps makes the game less predictable, along with the AI which has been improved to make your opponents harder to predict. As an added bonus, dual shock support has been included, no download patches need. This makes for a solidly entertaining follow-up with enough changes and additions to please players who enjoyed the first game. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is a solidly entertaining, deep yet accessible racing title that delivers an exciting experience for fans of action packed racing."

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