The Laser : Resistance 2 Review

Michael Palisano writes "Following up the underrated Resistance: Fall of Man, Insomniac Games and SCEA have released the much-anticipated Resistance 2 for the PS3, which expands the horizons, scale and intensity exponentially. The first thing players will notice is the increased sense of scale in the game's expansive levels, which cover more varied ground this time. Battling through a war-torn America ravaged by a brutal alien invasion, players will find themselves going up against much tougher foes, who have undergone quite a transformation in their aggression, intelligence and danger. The bosses are also quite intimidating, with their massive size and scale making for some terrifying foes. Resistance 2's deeper backstory and improved visuals add cinematic flair. It's a massive leap forward for the series, which makes for one the best FPS titles on the console to date."

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