The Laser : Mirrors Edge Review

Michael Palisano writes "EA and DICE have taken a huge risk with the release of Mirror's Edge, an unconventional title that takes gamers to incredible heights in a high-tension game where speed, dexterity and danger follow your every step. Playing as a runner named Faith, you need to jump, leap and climb over the rooftops and chasms of a futuristic metropolis while avoiding the ever-present police who are constantly on the lookout for you. Avoiding helicopters, gunfire and snipers, you need to escape them through any means whether that means climbing through vents, hanging from bars or traversing dangerously narrow boards. An intuitive control scheme allows you to plenty of dexterity and freedom to complete your missions, and the game's structure offers a mix of linear and open-ended quests. Mirror's Edge is a solidly entertaining game that offers challenge, depth and sophisticated puzzles in a sleek package."

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