Left 4 Dead Freezing Fix

Techworldwide writes:

Steam has had a holiday sale going on and being the frugal gamer that I am I got a couple deals. One of them being Left 4 Dead. However much to my dismay after downloading and installing the game it had horrible freezing and the sound looped over and over while the screen stood froze. So as any salty PC gamer would do I hit up the Left 4 Dead forums and dug around to see if anyone else had the same issue.

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TrevorPhillips3513d ago

I dont like getting games on the PC they cause alot of problems thats why its best to get games on the 360 or ps3

INehalemEXI3513d ago

It is nice to just pop a disc in and play and not have to worry about drivers etc.

TheColbertinator3513d ago

I still prefer PC gaming over console gaming but PC has been slow on new exciting game releases

Graphics Whore3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

PC Games alot of problems? Why do you think games get patches. PC has far more functionality compared to a console, if you good enough with a computer you can fix the problems yourself.

I do recall L4D XBOX 360V has some serious issues as well, like game breaking bugs that were patched so it's definitely not just that. On this topic, I'm beginning to think theres a serious shroud behind gaming reviews, games are being released with obvious game breaking glitches and multi-player that doesn't even work (Gears of War 2) how is this getting passed everyone?

TrevorPhillips3513d ago

well its fair enough some people like games on pc some on 360 and ps3

micro_invader3513d ago

I like em both, to be honest. I just got L4D on sale from the store, friggin insane!

INehalemEXI3512d ago

yeah, its a kick arse game.

iistuii3513d ago

point about opening the tray and slipping the game in.....however then youve got a low res , jaggie game, not a 1920x1200 with full AA game.That's the difference, obviously you'll need a top pc, but a 32" widescreen tv and a console aint much cheaper.

mirroredderorrim3513d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Errr... in relevance to the article, I have Left 4 Dead via Steam and enjoy it very much.
I just foolishly wish there was an expansion that added MORE to the game. (the game is great but severely lacks overall content!)

This game would have been perfect for the PSN, imo!

Edit: does anyone know if they fixed the 64bit mode?

TheIneffableBob3512d ago

Left 4 Dead doesn't and has never had a 64-bit mode.

LONEWOLF2313512d ago


Now its time for them to fix the console version.
Problems range for Time out connections to the occasional lag!

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