Thunderbolt: From The Abyss Review

Thunderbolt: "It's a worthless way to live. Everyone will tell you otherwise, of course. They'll say that you're valiantly defending your homeland. That you're saving countless innocents for your daily sacrifices. They promise to pay you handsomely for your efforts. But it's all a sham, a pathetic ploy that appeals to only those foolish enough to believe they're actually heroes. These warriors put their lives on the line, all in the name of the country of Rubenhaut. But in the end, none of their brave efforts mean anything; the monsters still continue to pour out of the Abyss, terrorizing anything that gets in their way. There are too many of them to handle now, though. It's only a matter of time before the demons overrun and raze the entire kingdom. All you can do is pack up your gear, head out to the portal, and face the inevitable doom that awaits you."

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