Rock Band 2 January DLC List Leaked

There has been a rumour around for a while that the Rock Band 2 January DLC List is Leaked .
We got you guys the full list of all the songs that has been leaked !

The list apparently confirms the appearance of Roy Orbison, while adding several Lenny Kravitz and Steve Miller Band tracks.

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Blink_443517d ago

Ughh give me some blink 182!

Johnny Cullen3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

WTF is my OK Computer?

PS360PCROCKS3517d ago

Um it's Radiohead with the album named "OK computer"

jmiscavish3517d ago

That only looks like 3 weeks' worth.

Plus, they've been releasing one album a month, which this list also leaves out.

I'll get are you gonna go my way and the joker, probably...

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