Gaming Evolution Reviews Söldner X: Himmelsstümer

Set in the distant future, the game is a fast and furious shoot 'em up with state-of-the-art graphics, driving soundtrack and classic fun gameplay sprinkled with fresh innovations. In the storyline, planet Earth's resistance aims to stop a deadly infection consuming both life forms and technology alike, oddly having to rely on an antihero mercenary and bounty hunter to pilot a mighty prototype star fighter. His goal: To fight his way to the virus' origin, save civilization and earn cash to boot!

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freakyzeeky3603d ago

It's one of the best shooters since Gradius and R-Type. It's actually one of my top 5 PSN downloads. :)

mprunty3603d ago

The intense and frustrating at times, Solder-X is my favorite title from the PlayStation Network.

thereapersson3603d ago

It is relatively parallel to my review of the game.

It's really hard, which is good, but can be at times frustrating due to cheap hits and from the way some of the levels are designed. It's fun and addictive, however, and is the thing the PS3 needs to set its own place in the SHMUP genre.