Microsoft pay-as-you-go patent application rejected

Engadget: "Sorry folks -- we know that you were looking forward to a future of "pay to play" computing, but it seems that Microsoft's application has been soundly dissed by the patent office. Reasons for the decision include the company's "occasional use of fuzzy terminology" and the fact that much of this stuff has already been patented. Of course, the decision can be appealed -- but for the time being, if you still want to pay monthly for a computer AT&T has a netbook for you."

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Proxy3480d ago

The articles speaks as though MS can't charge per use. Just because the patent fails doesn't mean they can't still do it. It just means that other companies can do it too.

meepmoopmeep3481d ago

man, i just don't like the idea of this patent

soon some crazy corporation will charge us to breathe

BrianC62343481d ago

Isn't that what happened in Ahnold's movie Total Recall?

What I'd like to know is was this patent rejected because someone else got it first? It looks like they said it's too general so no way but our patent office is always giving out silly patents that are too general so why change now?

SaiyanFury3481d ago

As I said before, who the hell wants a pay-per-use computer? Lord knows I'd never look at something like that.

xwabbit3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

This is old. Some 1 had already posted this article
For the the person who gave me disagree


No, the idea was posted, but now we know how Microsoft failed... EPICALLY

The Lazy One3481d ago

The rejection was also posted... in the same article he gave you...


"Microsoft poses (and U.S. patent office rejects) a plan for pay-as-you-go PCs"

It's pretty much just a way to lease PCs.

meepmoopmeep3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

edit: nvm

kavkazip3481d ago

LOL microsoft fails at everything this is not new

kavkazip3481d ago

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The story is too old to be commented.