GamersInfo Review - Europa Universalis III: Complete

GamersInfo: "I've always been curious to play a Europa Universalis game but never got around to purchasing the earlier versions. It intrigues me when we have a strategy game of this scope why I never got my claws on it. I should have because I love a good strategic game that has lots of complex thought processes as this one does. Europa Universalis III: Complete didn't let me down.

Paradox Interactive's franchise has always filled a niche for those who love a deep historical grand strategic game. Its unique approach brings a series an appealing dearth of updates that should give fans of the series a breath of fresh air. Players can take charge of up to any of the 250 countries, giving them freedom to commit to different strategies - from small weak countries to budding empires. From the grand campaign starting in 1399, to any of the 10 other scenarios, you'll find your time occupied for hours in real-time gameplay.

As a leader, you will be able to explore, trade, develop your infrastructure, colonize and make treaties. This all in real time, but so as to not overwhelm you with that feature, you can pause the game, make your decisions and then get right back into the action. There are no victory conditions to speak of in this game. You can determine how successful you are by setting goals that will obtain the objectives you have planned - whether conquering your neighbors to establishing trade routes."

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