Why Do Gamers Opt For PlayStation?

PSXExtreme writes:

"Let me give you a brief back-story before I elaborate: I have always, for the quarter-century that I have been gaming, been drawn to great video games. Brand loyalty seemed like an entirely counter-productive mentality; biased purchasing simply leads to missing out on the best games available. It's why I had both the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. It's why I had both the PS2 and Xbox. It's why I would turn to the PC every now and then throughout all these years. But over the past decade, I've realized that despite my multi-console approach, I've continually returned to play most of my games on a PlayStation. But why?"

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PirateThom3483d ago

PlayStation consoles have always offered something fresh and new that the competition struggles to deliver be it Nintendo, Microsoft or Sega.

BRACHATTACK3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I agree, also add fantastic reliability, and superb exclusives.

But i am mostly impressed by Sony's business ethics, they don't talk with their wallets, they attract devs by making them want to work with their platforms, which is rare especially in the current gaming world.

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mikeslemonade3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

360 has already been maxed out by Red Faction or Gears 2 and Wii isn't HD and has bad online, so PS3 is the only way to go for me.

SaiyanFury3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Only fanboys, candystop? I've also grown up with consoles since the days of the Atari 2600 back in the 80s. I also left the SNES to go to the PS platform because Sony saw the evolution of the games industry. How many developers jumped ship on Nintendo because they decided to be stubborn and keep using low capacity, high cost cartidges? The original PS was the natural evolution of the industry as well as the PS2 and Xbox. The 360 has kind of gone it's own way with lots of shooters and adult type games, while the PS3 has something for everybody be it adult gamers like me, casual gamers and even children. Only "fanboys" game on the PS3? I've had about 20 consoles in my lifetime and I game on both the 360 AND PS3. I don't play much on my 360 simply because there isn't a lot ON it that I really want to play other than the RPGs. So I basically game exclusively on my PS3 simply because it has more of what I want and is a more complete entertainment package than the 360. But yeah, I guess my getting more out of my PS3 makes me a fanboy.

Faztkiller3483d ago

@Saiyan Fury could not agree with u more

lowcarb3483d ago

@candystop could not agree with you more.

badz1493483d ago

only fanboys game on PS3? everybody has preferrence and who ever decided to play the PS3 instead of other consoles are fanboys? what are you? retarded?

thereapersson3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

lol Candystop, with biased crap like that, you belong in the Open Zone.


nix3483d ago

come killzone 2, many 360 gamers will be buying PS3. that's why sony has been producing FPS/TPS games to lure 360 gamers, just like MS is coming out with RPGs.

i think it will be simply blind to ignore Killzone 2 for a FPS gamer. i'm not a big fan of FPS but hell ya! i'll be buying one! ((:

JD_Shadow3483d ago

And those that only choose the 360 are true gamers, yes?

cherrypie3483d ago

"PlayStation consoles".."also add fantastic reliability"?

I am **CLEARLY** the only person on this site over 12 years old.

I've got 3 -- non-warranty covered -- PS2s in my closed that would like to have a word with your fiction.

The difference between Sony and MS is that when MS's console had problems, MS gave everyone a free 3 year, no hassle warranty.

Sony's rep wouldnt even return my calls and I had 3 PS2s fail.

You people are a laughing stock.

power of Green 3483d ago

@#1. So PlayStation's not doing that now?

Anyways lol @ "Why Do Gamers Opt For PlayStation?"

^^ Is this the best time to be asking this question?

Karum3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

They should really have given a lifetime warranty for the rrod issue given that it is a significant design flaw.

The difference between the 360 and your 3 dead PS2's is that the failure rate of Sony consoles is of a very low percentage, I challenge you to prove otherwise as my launch PS2 that I've just been on this morning playing some God of War 2 wants to have a word with your "3 dead PS2's" and I say it like that because given how you continually comment on this site, I don't really trust your statement.

And POG, Why not ask the question? The PS3 has sold better in it's first 2 years (less than that in Euroland) than the 360 did, but the 360 was never in trouble right?

The Lazy One3483d ago

launch PS2's had a DRE failure rate about the same as launch 360s, and just like PS2's, the failure rate of the 360 dropped and continues to drop dramatically.

The failure rate today is around 17%, including all 360's released from launch, which were closer to 30%.

also, lol at "why do gamers opt for playstation"... there's 79% of the market that didn't "opt for playstation".

SaiyanFury3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

@ Those who disagreed with me

I invite your opinions. I merely said that I prefer the PS3 as a complete HD entertainment hub. Just because I game primarily on my PS3 doesn't make me a fanboy. The PS3 is the best HD value for the money when weighed against it's competition. How would you fare to argue against me?

Karum3483d ago

If that is true mate then fair enough I stand corrected.

To be perfectly honest I genuinely did not know this, never paid attention to that kind of thing before a certain point in this current generation and only paid attention to stuff this current gebneration. Before that I just bought games I saw advertised and on shelves.

Wish I had stayed that way!!

InMyOpinion3483d ago

Is this a joke?

Gamers aren't consumers? Wii & 360 owners aren't gamers? PS3 is not in 3rd place? lol!

pippoppow3483d ago

Sony had an issue with the PS2 but it wasnt as wide spread as RROD which isn't the only problem with the 360. At least Sony fixed it right away and it was repairable by yourself by increasing the laser stregth. The fact is the 360 has poor build quality and a major design flaw that affects all their consoles. The problem has slowly decreases over 3 years but is still persistant. Besides, people who had that problem put up with it due to PS2's dominance. The 360 isn't in the same position with fierce competition from Sony and Nintendo.

MaximusPrime3483d ago

totally agree with PirateThom

poopface13483d ago

beacause a guy who works for a playstation magazine/website should be playing on the ps3 the most, its his job. I do agree with him that its the games that are important, not who makes the console.

Shadow Flare3483d ago

Looking just at the games themselves, i've yet to come across games from nintendo or microsoft (or sega) that gave the same experience that the Metal Gear Solid games have, Final Fantasy 7, 8 & 10, Shadow of the Colossus have, a driving experience that Gran Turismo first brought to us and so on. Honestly, i can say that i would buy a 360 if some games really looked good to me. But there are no games on the 360 that i would buy the console for. And i have played my share of 360 games. Whereas i would buy a ps3 for, Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, Gran Turismo 5, possibly Motorstorm 2 actually because i've been blown away by it. I'd buy a ps3 for Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, probably God of War 3. And i know it wouldn't red ring on me. So it's either that or...Halo and Gears. Hmmm....nah

dukadork23482d ago

the software: best exclusives by far, and a sh!t load of em
the hardware: powerful, advanced, sturdy, sleek, cool, silent
the spirit: innovation, risk taking, they're no me-too c0ck suckas

PS: we normally live in a world where you either pay for stuff or suffer through a constant bombardment of ads.

PSN is free and there are no ads in the interface.
what a contrast with XBL for which you pay AND get ads!
this alone would have me stick with them forever: everytime i see the 360, it feels like they're browsing the web w/o adblock, lol

callahan093482d ago

PS3 has Eye of Judgment. 'Nuff Said.

You may not like card-battle games, but Eye of Judgment is purely brilliant and unique, utilizing a camera for gameplay in a revolutionary and totally awesome fashion, allowing age-old Magic card fans like myself a way to play without having a real-life partner sitting next to me. Introducing a camera into the mix so that you can play online against any opponent the world over, any time, is just awesome. Sony has always been a maker of unique products like THAT, and I've never seen anything that quite compares from Microsoft or Nintendo.

IdleLeeSiuLung3482d ago

PS3 is awesome and have many more quality games than the 360.

Homicide3482d ago

Because it has the best library, and there wasn't really a choice in the past two gens. The PS3 doesn't live up to the legacy. Its very disappointing.

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Xbox Street Gang3483d ago

I hate how people always say you need both consoles to enjoy gaming. I think it's perfectly within reason to be satisfied with the gaming experience you get from only a Sony console.

QuackPot3483d ago

Had the xbox never existed then Halo, Gears and all the other great xbox exclusives would have likely been made for the playstations.

candystop3483d ago Show
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badz1493483d ago

candy, you are beyond retarded! and I think you're also happy with it, right?

2EXS3483d ago

Because it has the games that I want; R2, Warhawk, (my favorite) MGS4 Uncharted ,LBP it as Blu-Ray ,it is capable to use any bluetooth devise,rechargeable controllers , WIFI, webbrowser(for me it is very important), and the most important thing s that it is very reliable.I choose not to game on the 360 because the machine is so unreliable, it has nothing to do with being a loyalist , if the 360 could offer me all of this I would buy one in no time but as it is I have no desire to be dealing with returning my console for repairs every couple of months. Now I know I'll miss great game like Gears2 , Fable2, Mass Effect and L4D but I would rather miss those than deal with an unreliable console.

fishd3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )


Bubble Buddy3483d ago

Uh candystop, many games for 360 will or are already out for PC. I'd rather get it on PC since most are shooters and I prefer the mouse for FPS. And 360 has better VISUALS? SERVICE? I'll give you software but the other two you are mad.

UltimateIdiot9113483d ago

Agreed, I have neither time nor money for 2 consoles. I purchase my PS3 and enjoy it a lot due to 2 reason, great price and great game. Before I got my PS3, I looked forward to FFXIII, FFVs.XIII, Valkyria Chronicles (I love this game more than MGS4), MGS4, LBP, WKC (still looking forward to it), GT5 (I have Prologue and it's great), DMC4 (wish I never purchased it, terrible game), and etc. Well, well, what do you know, so many great games for me to play and look forward to.

As for online gaming, I don't do this on a daily basis to justify that $50 a year, I need wifi in my house, and I love Blu-ray movies. So, paying $250 (yes, i got it on a deal) for a PS3 is definitely a good price even if it's $400.

El Zorro Rojo3482d ago

Well, I wouldn't want to live without either console. But I understand that not everybody has the money or time for two consoles. For those people, I can see their needs being satisfied pretty well by only an Xbox 360 or only a PS3, but it's not ideal in my opinion. I would rather get the very best games from both consoles than only have the selection from one console.

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Nathan Drake3483d ago

For $399 I got a videogame console that works,plays all the high quality games I want to play,browses the internet,and plays the standard hi-definition movie format that is BluRay.

So basically:Reliability,High Quality Games,Internet,BluRay.

darthv723483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I dont believe in brand loyalty. I believe in entertainment on a broad scale. I can respect those who choose to play on their system of preference so long as they can respect me and my decision to game on all.

I just recently scored a neogeo cd with 12 games from my good friend for $200 because he didnt want it anymore. I have been getting older games for the cube, xbox and ps2 with the buy 2 get one free at gamestop.

It is an expensive hobby but one that is worth every penny.

OuterHaven3483d ago

u are a true gamer, i definitely couldn't do that.

The Great Melon3483d ago

I do the same thing. As we get further into each system I am slowly also buying many of the older games and systems trying to see what I missed. Just because something is old doesn't make it not enjoyable.

The Lazy One3483d ago

Brand loyalty makes very little sense, and that's why I hate playstation now. Sony fans made me hate sony more than anything because of their ridiculous brand loyalty. I was all sony till the PS2 when it took them too long to get any decent games, then I got an xbox.

If/When microsoft upsets me or another company releases a clearly superior console, I'll switch consoles again. No big deal.

being a fan of a developer is reasonable, but a console doesn't deserve your loyalty.

El Zorro Rojo3482d ago

PS3 fanboys do leave a bad taste in my mouth, but I still love my PS3 and play it right along side my 360. I wish they would tone it down though. I don't think they realize how many people are turned off from buying a PS3 simply because how rabid its fanbase is.

dantesparda3482d ago

Cuz its the 360 fanboys that pissed me of and left a bad taste in my mouth. And i bought the 360 on day one (Nov. 22nd 05) and didnt get a PS3 until 2 years later in Nov of 07.

Also the 360 breaking down on me 5 times has also really made me look at it as a piece of sh!t (im sorry) but its the worst consumer electronic device i have ever had, period! And i didnt like any of the games released on the 360 in 08 except for Gears 2, and even that wasnt that great for me. The game didnt stand the test of time for me because graphically even though it was better than Gears 1 it didnt look as good to me as Gears 1 did when it first came out. And Gears 2 was way to glitchy.

And this is coming from a Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, GC, Genesis, Dreamcast, Xbox 1, 360 owner. The PS3 is the first Sony console i have ever owned

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MURKERR3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

i got a 2nd that died on me,to those on their 3rd,4th,5th 360s i truly take my hat off to you for your perseverance that is true dedication more than i could unfortunately give :(

good games poor machine

mastiffchild3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Mate, I had seven before I pulled the plug on the parade of doom. Sony have always given me hardware(as have Nintendo)I could rely on. My original Xbox, though hideous still works fine so why not my 360's?
I just don't believe it's problems were unavoidable in this day and age so, sadly, I can only assume it was a deliberate decision to release the console knowing it was badly flawed. If I'm right, and my experiences as well as those of millions of others suggest I am, then MS managed to get us gamers to pay for them to tempt developers into going multi and this doesn't bode well for our future with MS esp if we don't let them know we won't be treated like this.
Call me fanboy if you like but I just feel that MS don't deserve the loyalty they get from some when they basically fleeced us. My 360's were great when they worked which is the annoying thing as given decent QA and a few more months dev time and it would have been a truly great console.

blackpanther253482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

My xbox 360 go RROD too like a month ago. Although i really enjoyed playing it, i fear that i will never buy a 360 again. Two of my friends has gone through 9 360s. My cousin's first one died and then he bought another on which died as well. He decided to give one away and sell the other and buy a 60gig PS3.

I was planning of fixing mine by myself until i realized that my disk drive is faulty and it scratch up my games. After that, I am too afraid of wasting money on a 360 again. Luckily my friend has one so i'll play all my games on his and stick with my wiiPs3PC

El Zorro Rojo3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Yeah, and umm...ten of my friends have gone through 6 PS3s each.

Seriously, quite making up stuff. Sorry, but from what I have seen most people never have a problem with their 360s. The problem is obviously real (especially on earlier consoles) but I am sick of all the lies and exaggerations by known PS3 fanboys.

HateFanboys3479d ago

STFU with your bullshit. The 360 is an unreliable piece of sh!t and you know it, you fake a$$ fack! Im on my 5th and i have friends who have already gone through 3 or 4 also, already. And just about everybody on my friends list (100) has gone through it. So dont run your sh!t and lies, you fake a$$ 360 fanboy. You're not fooling anybody except maybe yourself

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