411mania: Skate 2 (PS3, Xbox 360) Preview

411mania writes:

"With the success of 07's Skate, EA Black Box is keeping the mojo flowing. While keeping the basics the same about the game, there are a few things that are getting a little fine tuning. At the top of that list appears to be the city of San Vanelona itself. Being completely rebuilt by some faceless corporation, the city seems as though the architect is a skateboarder in his off time. The city may seem as organic as any other California coastline city, yet it has the heart of a skater underneath it. A true street thrasher can see the lines and trick spots set into the city. Yet, while skating through these areas you will probably think to yourself, "Man, that picnic table would be awesome set at an angle against that wall so I could grind down it and hit that rail." Well, wish no more, not only has the ability to step off your board been added, you can also grab any object that isn't nailed down. With no snap grid or zone limits so you can take an object anywhere through out the city and place it where ever and however you like."

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