Telegraph: Most wanted video games of 2009 for XBox 360, PS3 and Wii

Telegraph writes: "We select the 10 most anticipated video games for console and PC gamers next year.

Halo 3: ODST

Master Chief 's tale may be over, but the Halo universe is still ripe for exploration and expansion. Two new Halo games arrive in 2009: Halo Wars, a console-friendly real-time strategy game and ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper), the much anticipated next first-person-shooter title in the franchise. Taking place on Earth at the same time as the events of Halo 2, ODST puts you in the heavily armoured suits of the eponymous trooper squad. While Halo's outstanding gunplay will be present and correct, the game is said to be more 'film noir' in tone. It will be fascinating to see where the series goes without its hero, but with series creators Bungie at the helm, we are confident that ODST will be another superb, action-packed adventure."

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