More Home Glitch Videos and Secret Door Codes "Team Alpha at it again, this time we have a few new Home Glitch videos including one that you can do in someone's Owned Space, a video showing you the secret codes for the secret rooms in Sully's Bar, and a teaser video showing that you can get on top of the Globe in the Smuggler's Den in Sully's Bar."

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NipGrip3516d ago

Here's the door codes in case you don't want to watch the vid:

Downstair Door : 1024 -- 12577383

Right Door Upstairs : 41675

Left Door Upstairs : 24312

Lord Anubis3516d ago

all of this is so old. and the door codes were for people to figure out. it took us 3 days (closed beta testers) to get all the codes. The first two were solved in hours it was the last one that had to be open on a specific day for it to work.

Socomer 19793516d ago

I never glitch but if I could fly in home & it looks cool I would learn that.

ElementX3516d ago

Lame. Glitches aren't news.

NipGrip3516d ago

Good thing you're on the type of site that lets you voice your opinion. Unfortunately for you, more people think that it is interesting enough to approve them. Democracy in action, welcome to N4G.

RedVsBlue3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Will you idiots stop saying Beta every time there is a glitch post ? The purpose of a beta is to identify glitches like these so that they can be fixed

Lord Anubis3516d ago

believe me. those glitches have been there for centuries and although that may be an exaggeration they have been there for a while and the dev team knows it. However, i feel like the london team is one of the most lazy studios sony could be funding. So little was fixed from closed beta to open beta it is not even funny.

London team needs to go.

ThatArtGuy3515d ago

Reminds me of how after almost 2 years of playing Star Wars Galaxies after release they still hadn't fixed the "sliding off the chair" glitch.

Homicide3515d ago

Home is going to be a beta forever!

rockleex3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

But they have tons of glitches.

Home is and will remain in Beta indefinitely... at least until they are done deciding what directions they want to take with Home.

Just look at N4G, its pretty much done, but is still in Beta.

Anyways, Home will constantly change over time depending on the demand of Home users.

So if you don't like the way Home is right now, and have ideas on how to improve it, then definitely give feedback on the Official Playstation Forums!

Stop complaining about Home on N4G and go complain where it really matters... the Official Playstation Forums! Seriously!

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