Toronto Thumbs: SingStar ABBA Review

Toronto Thumbs writes: "This is the beginning line to ABBA's super hit "Fernando", the first song I attempted to belt out when I popped in SingStar ABBA. To give you an indication of how things went, I didn't even know this line, let alone the rest of the song. This is fundamentally the problem with a a game like SingStar that thrives in a party environment, being focused on a single group. That being said, the game mechanics themselves haven't changed (for better or for worse) and SingStar ABBA still makes for an entertaining experience overall.

Everything we have come to love about the series is present in this latest iteration, although there have been no changes to the tried and true formula at all. Much like SingStar vol. 2 for the PS3, no additional functionality is made available by purchasing the disc. What you do get is 25 of the Swedish pop group's biggest songs (only 20 on the PS2 version), a number that falls slightly shy of the 30 tracks per disc that we're used to up to this point. This really is a testament to ABBA's success over the years though, as there are few bands that could fill a disc with that many well known hits."

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