Toronto Thumbs: Korg DS-10 Review

Toronto Thumbs writes: "Months ago, I made an album using nothing but my Nintendo DS and a free homebrew application called NitroTracker. The program is essentially a sample sequencer/tracker and over the course of two weeks, with much tweaking, accidental erasing, and strained eyes, I was able to finish and be reasonably happy with the final output. Around this same time, the Korg DS-10 program was available in Japan. I was a little worried that it wouldn't sell well and would therefore not be released in North America, but thankfully it made its way over here and is in stores now.

I feel I must stress the fact that Korg DS-10 is not a game. It's a card for the DS that claims to be an emulation of Korg's MS-10 synthesizer, which is one of the company's more basic instruments. Since I'm not familiar with the real deal, however, I'm unable to confirm the validity of this claim. That said, the DS-10 packs a hell of a lot of features and transforms the DS into a complicated yet simple musical instrument."

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