Killzone 2 Demo Available at GameStop January 5th

There is now a date for the Killzone 2 GameStop demo–January 5th.

"A rave card granting access to the Killzone 2 Demo will be available in stores while supplies last beginning the week of January 5. Check with your local store for more information."

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Sully3515d ago

Killzone 2, Halo Killer Confirmed


MasFlowKiller3515d ago

there is not reason to turn great news into a war

TheHater3515d ago

tell me I am reading that right

dannyhinote_133515d ago

It is unclear if the card will grant instant access or if they'll essentially sitting around, waiting to be used until February 3rd.

TheHater3515d ago

yeah. I think it might be something of that nature.

meepmoopmeep3515d ago

i've preordered it at amazon
but i'll go to EB Games to see if i can grab me one of these

(then cancel that preorder) :P

jwatt3515d ago

Please tell me I can play it this monday because I would have the following 2 days off.

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Goon 1873515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Can't wait to play the demo, I already played the MP beta for days nonstop, from what I played I can guarantee you that this game will knock your socks off. No doubt this will be a blockbuster hit.

Edit: Found this on the ps3 fourms,Don't know if this is true but "On the back of the demo papers it said they are active effective after the Feb 5th" Meaning you can't download it untill the feb 5th. Take this with a grain of salt because it could be false, people like to start rumors

SWANN3514d ago's true from 02-05-09-02-26-09 1 day before the full release.
The demo will tide me over for 1 day until the full release.

Pre-ordered & payed off for over 1 year.
The magic day: 02-27-09

Simon_Brezhnev3515d ago

ima call before i go to gamestop because the one i go 2 anything ps3 related they act like they don't know shít

xwabbit3515d ago

LOL, i have same problem with gamestops near me

MAR-TYR-DOM3514d ago

you wouldnt believe the problem i have here in EBGAMES in canada. I walked in one time when R2 was released and asked for a copy, "Hi could i get a copy of Resistance 2?" the guy started to look around and came back to be and said, "I cant find the 360 version, I'm really sorry." I was like WTF!! I told him that it was a ps3 exclusive and walked out of the store.

solidt123515d ago

Man i can't believe 2009 is here. i am mostly excited about 2009 because I know this game is right around the corner.

dannyhinote_133515d ago

Totally. I really want to get this game in my hands.

meepmoopmeep3515d ago

i wonder, is this an SP demo or an MP one
i want to play a bit of the SP
MP is already top notch

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The story is too old to be commented.