Video Game Sales to Slow in '09; New Wii Zelda Coming?

With 2008 quickly coming to a close, Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian issued a "Holiday Sales Wrap-up" note, stating that video game sales overall have "remained stable" midway through December. That said, the tide has not been lifting all boats, so to speak. "...consumer demand continues to be uneven, concentrated among Nintendo products (Wii and DS), Xbox 360 hardware bundles, and a limited number of core software titles (e.g., Call of Duty and Gears of War 2) amid a congested slate of high-quality releases," Sebastian said.

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ChickeyCantor3339d ago

No mention of the conduit or monster hunter, or wii-sports resorts for that matter...
So is he sure he believes?

lord_of_balrogs3339d ago

Not to mention Mass Effect 2, the original sold 1.6 million in 6 weeks.

Mahr3338d ago

Are we certain that Mass Effect 2's an '09 release at this point?

I was under the impression that BioWare was funneling most, if not all, of its available resources into that ghastly looking Star Wars MMORPG.

jack who3339d ago

all ready non there wont be a new Zelda this year

DR-IVO3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

i guess thats how nintendo works, just keep bringing back the samething over and over again. Eventhough each game is different its getting annoying and boring seeing nintendo bringing back the same old characters. when was the last time nintendo became unique with its game characters and games besides what comes with the wii. As much as the wii is the most unique console on the style of playing it seems like nintendo doesnt seem to be trying on the games. Eventhough its the cheapest console on the market, its still a lot of money to me and I expect some good quality games for the uniqueness of it. But apparently not a signle developer seems to care about the console other then selling a silly flawed game and im getting tired of it.

Ivix3338d ago

I agree to a point. However, Super Mario Galaxy, while a rehash of old characters, is one of the best games this generation and Nintendo definitely cared during the development of this game.

anubis123339d ago

thank god i work at GS. and our store has been getting slam/fuc*ed the past month..which is good, but i need a break from work and too many good videos games at once

mastiffchild3339d ago

I'd love to thinkthis guy knew something about a new Zelda this year but when he thinks that Disaster:Day OF Crisis is gonna be a top 2009 seller when it was released without any advertiaing at the beginning of December(IIRC)you have to doubt him more than a little. Poor list all round considering the omissions too.
Having said all this I wouldn't be too amazed if a new Zelda did creep into view next Xmas. They had TP finished for launch so have had a whole year more than the Mario team to work on the game so it isn't out of the question and Ninty know they've got to try harder to kep both core gamers AND their new market(who must surely begin to get more demanding sooner rather than later)so a new Zelda would be just the big hitter to back up S&P2 and Punchout!! this year.

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