Why Does Toys 'R' Us Sell 'M' Rated Games?

The obvious answer to the title of this article is that Toy 'R' Us probably makes a ton of money by selling mature rated games, but can't help but ask the question.With all the bad press swirling around mature rated games and kids, why shouldn't we criticize a kids store for selling games that truly aren't meant for kids?

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Blaze9293308d ago

Because its a partly video game store? What kind of stupid article question is this. Not like they selling it to minors. Which is why there is a dedicated "R Zone" section and the games are behind the counter which you prolly need very good vision to even see behind that glass.

M3rkMast3r3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

From the Toy R U website: "Toys"R Us is the leading kids store for toys, video games, baby products, and more." Keyword there is "KIDS" mature rated video games are not for kids. Hence the article's question "Why Does Toys 'R' Us Sell 'M' Rated Games?" is appropriate. I can tell that the no child left be hind act has failed, your reading skills are sub-par.

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