Prototype Countdown

If you head over to the Prototype official site, you will notice a countdown with about five days left. What the countdown is for is anybody's guess.

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spunnups3396d ago

with inFAMOUS getting a lot of hype, this multiplat has a lot to prove. I'm hoping for the best, but expecting something mediocre.

Cajun Chicken3395d ago

Have you SEEN the footage? Crackdown, Assassin's Creed and Kirby...where can you go wrong?

I am so freaking excited for this game!!!

TheColbertinator3395d ago

They both look good except Infamous is more focused on ground combat and being a hero.Prototype is about blowing stuff up and cutting it down

Cajun Chicken3395d ago

I heard you can choose to be a bad guy in Infamous too.
But I've always heard a lot about Infamous and been looking forward to it since Crackdown, but Prototype looks like it could be a suprise for a lot of people, I'm especially excited by the disguise aspect of the game, hopefully those bits'll play out like Shiny's Messiah.

Karum3395d ago

Prototype imo is a game that could actually be a sleeper hit in '09. Fits the criteria.

Looking forward to seeing what is revealed because I haven't seen anything on this game in a long time after seeing a trailer for it in what seems like a couple of years.

LONEWOLF2313395d ago

I dont know man this game seems more appealing than inFamous.
Dont get me wrong im more than sure inFamous will be a great game BUT chances are it will pale in comparison to this one.

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TheColbertinator3395d ago

Those "new" videos that we saw last month will be shown at GDC.

Are_The_MaDNess3395d ago

Is it a demo?
it ends when the PSN updates (i think lol)

RememberThe3573395d ago

Now I'm going to see if it comes true.

Are_The_MaDNess3395d ago

but what kind of demo then?
its a sandbox game
the demo got 2 b like 10GB
if it is a demo tho

Dawn_Of_Ashes3395d ago

i will not buy this game cause its from activishit

Itrguy0013395d ago

their only the publishers they have no say on what the devs did to the game so it might turn out good or it might turn out bad

VMAN_013395d ago

Good then theres one more copy for people who are actually interested in the game.

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