The Bitbag: Top 5 Video Game Disasters

The Bitbag writes: "As I sat in boredom over the holidays, I was thinking of my life in video games and all of the things that had a major affect on my gaming. I made a short list of some things that have happened in the last 20+ years of video games and came up with these top 5:"

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HighDefinition3485d ago


Information Minister3485d ago

The Neo-Geo was very successful in arcades worldwide and enjoyed moderate success (with a considerable life span to match) in the Japanese console market. It's pure heaven for fans of 2D fighters and scrolling shooters, with games like Metal Slug and King of Fighters.

TheColbertinator3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Sega Saturn ruled.What a great console

XXXCouture3485d ago

"Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is arguably the best console ever released" what lol

TheColbertinator3485d ago

Notice he said -arguably- meaning its his opinion.

Frankly I like the 360 but it will never surpass the greatness of the N64 or the Sega Dreamcast

XXXCouture3485d ago

notice i didnt say that i did agree or disagree. i just don't understand why he thinks its the best console evar. i mean i like my 360 aswell but its not the best console ever

Information Minister3485d ago

People these days have very short attention and memory spans. That's the only explanation for considering the 360 "arguably the best console ever released".

Personally I would consider the NES or the PS2 as the best console ever released. But even those choices are highly arguable.

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Wile3485d ago

The Panasonic's 3DO, Apple's Bandai Pippin and Phillips CD-i should be in there somewhere.

IzKyD13313484d ago

The 3DO still makes my brain explode just thinking about it....seizure hell

pippoppow3485d ago

What a travesty and an insult to consumers. Knowingly selling a product that is defective is unethical and MS has lost me as a future buyer of any of their products. MS deserves the #1 spot.

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