Is The PS3 Really Future Proof?

BadAssGamer writes:

"Before you debunk this as more hell fire thrown unto the PS3 or any other console at that, please remember that I will never post flaimbait or fanboy crap.

This article is here to highlight the many features generally regarded as Future-Proof on the PS3 and see just how future-proof they really are... I wil not base this on opinions but instead fully on facts."

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UNCyrus3431d ago

It's just a well thought through machine... Engineered to get maximum bang for the buck...

Good job, props Sony

Irish J3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Two technologies that will never be standard are not "future proof". Blu-ray is failing, and the Cell will never see the light of day in mainstream PC's. "Future Proof" is nothing more than a marketing buzzword created by Sony's marketing department to give consumers a false sense of confidence in their product. At this point in time, the ps3 is not only no were near "future proof", if something major isn't done, the ps3 shouldn't even be considered "present proof".

I'm sorry but just because a company makes something new, in no way does that mean their product is the future. Especially with all the major glaring flaws that the ps3 has.

Edit- And, I'm sorry but whoever wrote this "ps3 ad", is most certainly a fanboy or even a sony viral marketer. He knows nothing about tech, or why blu-ray and the Cell are in the ps3. Just Sony nutlicking, just like a member of a marketing team.

callahan093431d ago

First of all, "future-proof" is a much older term than just from this console generation, so the notion that Sony invented the term to market the PS3 is ridiculous.

Second, Blu-Ray is NOT failing, it is actually succeeding more and faster than DVD at this time in the technology's life (and that's with Blu-Ray launching against a competing format that it first had to knock out of the way, where DVD launched all on its lonesome with no new competing technology).

And third, why don't you enlighten us about these "flaws" of the PS3?

Nathan Drake3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Is it now?I'd like to see the statistics from which you're basing your claim on,because from the stats I'm looking at,BluRay is skyrocketing:

And as for the Cell processor not being used in Mainstream computers:

"The Qosmio G55 is the world's first laptop to incorporate a
parallel media co-processor, which is based on the revolutionary Cell
processor(1) technology co-developed by Toshiba, Sony and IBM."

But please Irish J,do continue with your nonsense :)

INehalemEXI3431d ago

Its future proof to the qore...well qore could use some work but the hardware is.

IdleLeeSiuLung3431d ago

I think the notion of future proofing a console (or most computer hardware) is ridiculous. Computer processing power moves so fast that I could care less about performance I can't see in the immediate future. Why? Because time and time again, paying for unused processing power (in this case theoretical so far) has never paid off. Technology moves so fast that the money I save up front can buy more than the "future proofed" technology of today tomorrow.

I would rather pay less now and have software able to utilize a significant portion of the processing power available and buy a new console in 3-5 years time or even less.

badz1493431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

didn't you even think before you post? it's funny you're calling people a fanboy and then talked trash all the way to the end! it's 2009 and the "bluray is dead" things are pretty much moot now! are you just out of the cave or what? in Japan, bluray has already surpassed 50% market share and it's gaining graoud really fast in Europe and NA! so, what's "failing" you're talking about? the only "failing" I can see right here is YOU who fail to see the reality and the fact that the world is moving on already!

"Cell will never see the light of day in mainstream PC's"

what the hell does that all about? PS2 was the most successfull console of all time but are there any PC out there that use the Emotion Engine of the PS2? it's a unique CPU for the PS2, not for PC thus it's hard to find a proper PS2 emulator on PC even after over 8 years since the PS2 was launch! the Cell BE is different from other conventional CPU and it excels at number crunching and HD encoding! Toshiba even integrate it in their line-up of high-end HDTV for that matter! mind you, it's 'TV' and not 'PC' like what you said! btw, since when did Sony intended for the Cell BE to take over the PC market? now you're talking out of your a$$! and what flaws of the PS3 are you talking about here? care to highlight them?

I don't know if the PS3 is truly future-proof but in terms of storage and processing power, it has them as it's updateable, BD can store up to 200GB, and Cell BE with all it's SPUs and the rare XDR RAM are still an unexplored territory for most devs! I think it can hold for several more years on its own. there's no need to be so negative when being optimistic is all this article is suggesting!

Nathaniel_Drake3431d ago

Wow do some research first before saying blu-ray is failing, it seems you feel hurt and scared to know PS3 is future proof

Good article short and to the point

xwabbit3431d ago

The best thing to do now would be to laff at irish J's comment. Cus that's good stuff right there.

kevoncox3431d ago

Anyone that thinks the PS3 is future proof is an idiot. While the term future-proof was not invented by Sony, it is Sony's big buzz word this gen. The PS3 will be obsolete in 3 years and I expect the PS4 to luanch in 2011-12. The Ps3 will be manufactored till 2015-16 but it is not future proof. Sony needed a buzz word that would make people feel comfortable dishing out 499 or 599 for console. We keep hoping for some miracle but it's not coming. Sony and MS are well into the design process of their new systems.

Hell the N64 launched a bit over 10 years ago. Do you really think a system is going to last 10 years?

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RememberThe3573431d ago

That is one of the most pathetic things I have ever read on this site...

For one, you can't tell who is disagreeing so what you said doesn't really work. And two, he really should listen. His comment was pure bull sh*t, from the b to the t.

Blu-ray is far from dieing, and the future of the Cell in PC's really doesn't matter when it comes to the PS3. The Cell is in the PS3 and devs are learning how to use it quickly. Some form of the Cell will probably be used in the next PlayStation as well.

So, while you may bask in the complete ignorance of his comment, most of us do not. That is why he has 30+ disagrees, not because of the fanboys.

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InMyOpinion3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Of course it is. Just like Betamax, ATRAC3 and UMD was...

It's future-proof until Sony chooses to announce the PS4 and then Sony fanboys will have forgotten all about the PS3 and be busy swallowing their new marketing bs and CGI tech demos.

@Irish J - You've misinterpreted the rules of N4G. You are supposed to swallow everything Sony says. Fanboys on this site believe that Sony are incapable of using 'marketing buzzwords' and that M$ is the devil. Also, ALL gaming sites on t3h Internetz is t3h 360 biased. Sales and review scores is not an objective way to measure if games are good or not, subjective opinion is. Multiplat games like Resident Evil 5 always look better on the PS3 even if hi-res screenshots/video comparisons/reviews show that it's clearly inferior. Just so you know.

@SonyOwnsNextYear - Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure you've had that name since 2006 and it means as little now as it did back then.

xwabbit3431d ago

Irish if u knew what u where talking about then cool. But in its 2 years blu ray came out its gaining way faster ground than DVD ever did and each month more blu rays are bought and making sales records so plz stop trying to be smart ? Having shorter library, well lets see.... 16 more months than PS3 Hmmmm what could be the reason ? Oh and this link is for you. Xbox may have more games for now and exclusive's but lets see the quality of those games are compared to PS3's exlusives :o

Quality Share of XBOX 360 Retail Titles 42% Favorable & 46% Mixed and 12% Unfavorable
Quality Share of PS3 Retail Titles 80% Favorable & 20% Mixed and 0% Unfavorable

I think every 1 wants more quality than quantity

poopface13431d ago

my bong broke, my dog is gonna die, and the consoles are already beaten by pcs. I think the consoles are held back by their ram and the ps3 needed to have a faster blueray drive.

xwabbit3431d ago

lool poop no console beats gaming PC's. Ordinary PC's yeah, but PC's built for gaming will keep owning consoles for now due too space.

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edwineverready3431d ago

xbox360 users love negative ps3 news, but i am getting sick of it. the ps3 is a good gaming system and it's future proof. blu ray can change harddisk if download games is really the future. new chip tech. i can on but i will just sound like a fanboy

bmatthews3431d ago

This article... IF YOUR READ!...Is actually fully in favour of the PS3. It doesn't scorn the PS3 or critise it in any way.

So why NOT read... its why we went to Nursery School for. :)

morganfell3431d ago

"...its why we went to Nursery School for."

Yes it is a reason. That and to learn not to end a sentence with a preposition. :) I keed I keed.

"xbox360 users love negative ps3 news..."

When you can no longer brag about what you are and what you have coming and the wolf is breathing down your neck, then you attack the competitor.

What would you have 360 supporters do, approve articles about all of the coming exclusive 360 blockbusters?

Cryos3431d ago

lol morgan bubbles to u

3431d ago
morganfell3431d ago

Thanks Cryos. Right back at you pal. PS3 FTW!

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ThatCanadianGuy3431d ago

Hundreds of pages? Yes please ! :)

Karum3431d ago

Please pm me that list as soon as you have got it compiled.

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mint royale3431d ago

don't you know its against the rules of N4G to believe that sony is a company and can talk just as much crap as teh evil Microsoft and Nintendo! Prepare to b hit by a mountain of disagrees.

All companies talk crap face it.

Love the product not the company. They love your money not you.

boodybandit3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

I thought you were going to post hundreds of pages of Sony lying this generation? This is just a compilation of random garbage for the most part. Negative articles written about Sony executives, their console capabilities and where they are headed, some are just forum post that say nothing about anything, one or 2 about where Sony feel they themselves are headed, etc....

You were suppose to list hundreds of pages of Sony lying or spreading FUD. So I guess the question has been answered. You can't.

My favorite article was the one were Sony said they feel MS might burn themselves out / peak in 08 with the 360. I guess we will find out if that is a lie in a year or 2 huh? But even that couldn't be considered a lie but a miscalculation on their part if MS is still going strong in 09, 10, etc.

Either or these are not lies said by Sony but just a bunch of random negative opinionated articles written about Sony which is what you linked. Most of them blog articles and some forum post.

Even still I honestly can't believe you actually spent the time compiling a list like this to begin with. Wow that speaks volumes.

Parapraxis3431d ago

Saying SONY talks trash is absolute ignorance.

READ/WATCH these interviews.

If you honestly think that Sony conducts themselves in the same manner as MS you must live under a rock.

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Johnny Rotten3431d ago

I don't see me forking over money for a new system for a long time yet and with the PS2 still kicking around the term "future proof" doesn't sound so unbelievable.

HDgamer3431d ago

If you use it for whatever reason besides gaming then thats a different story. But hardware and software wise in my opinion its future proof. It's been proven from the ps1 and ps2.

T-Baggins3431d ago

More So then any other system this Gen, so yes, it is future proof.

meepmoopmeep3431d ago

it's the undisputed futureproofest-est of them ALL this gen