Bungie Weekly Update: 01/02/09

Bungie writes:

"The sun has set on 2008 and the dawn of a new year is upon us. While our break has officially come to an end, we're still a bit groggy from all of the holiday festivities. Plenty of Bungie peeps used up one last vacation day in order to end the week, and year, on a restful note. Things were a bit hectic in Sea-Town these last two weeks, a State of Emergency was declared in Washington, and far too much eggnog was consumed as plenty of us found ourselves snowed and iced in for a good portion of the winter break. Please bear with us."

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cherrypie3512d ago

More info on Halo 3: ODST please.

Faztkiller3512d ago

Cant wait for new maps and Halo ODST

pippoppow3512d ago

Would like to hear that they are making a spiritual successor to Myth or at least a new IP coming out for the PC. Know they have it in them.

Faztkiller3512d ago

i would like to see them make a ps3 exclusive to see what they could do with much more power
because i love there games

shamv3512d ago

I would first like to see them come up with a next-gen engine and push the 360 to its limits. Halo 3 with Halo 2 engine was hardly impressive.

ambientFLIER3511d ago

Sigh. Why don't you try playing Halo 2 on a big-screen HDTV today and tell me what you think. It looks AWFUL. So please, quit the retarded Halo 3 bashing, when in reality it's gorgeous.

Faztkiller3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

not bashing halo 3 it the best online shooter out right now in my opinion with R2 second but halo dont look that great

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Faztkiller3512d ago

yeah they should have made a new engine