Rise of the Argonauts Review (OXCGN): A Greek Legend To Remember, Or Forget?


"Having first heard of Rise of the Argonauts early in 2008, I was somewhat intrigued as to when I was going to be able to play out one of the most well known stories in Greek mythology. It was then somewhat disappointing to find out the game had been pushed back to an undetermined date in 2009.

Then, almost as if on a whim, Atari released Rise of The Argonauts a week before Christmas, which isn't the best time to release a new IP, let alone one that had not had a great deal of pre-release PR push. All of a sudden the game pops out of nowhere on shelves in stores and I sit perplexed, thinking to myself . . . "what the hell is going on" ?

Oh well, a last minute Christmas present then….but was it a keeper, or a Boxing Day return?"

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gaminoz3427d ago

Yeah they snuck this title in right before Christmas! Man what a bad time to release!

Judging by the score...they could have waited and improved some things.

XboxOZ3603427d ago

They should have given it 1 - 2 more months in development, then it might have had a chance at 1) sales and 2) being better than it is . .. it had all the makings of being a great title, but now it will simply be another title that will never see a re-make or a sequel, and be a waste of 20 odd Million $$.

Steelspawn3427d ago

Never heard a thing about this game until I read this review. Will be staying well clear.

darkmurder3427d ago

Blech, looked poor from the onset, great review, you made me steer clear of this poor game.