OXCGN 2008 In Review: 25 Articles Revisited


"We have dug into our archives to dust off some of the stories we brought to you over the last year. You may have missed them with all that gaming, or you may want to see if the stories are still relevant now that the year has finished. At any rate, you can pick and choose what you want to read, so enjoy!"

1. Is Gaming Becoming Too Easy?
2. Wii Wii Wii All The Way Home: The Next Gen Wars…Are Gamers Still Loyalists?
3. GI Joe Syndrome: Why So Many Gung-Ho Shooters?
4. Console Gaming: Is It The Definitive Gamer's Choice?
5. R18+ Rating In Australia: Up To Australians!
6. About Face: Faceplate Failure
7. Gamer Apathy: Sick Of Samey Shooters?
8. GTA IV: Extensive 7 Day Hands-On Playthrough
9. James Bond Slaps 360/PS3 Split-Screen Fans In The Face
10. Gears Of War 2 Sales Prediction: The Game Will Sell 10 Million Copies Worldwide
11. Atari's Single Player Games In Doubt
12. Leaving America: Vin Diesel's The Wheelman
13. Mirror's Edge: A Reflection Of Where Gameplay Might Be Headed
14. Six Ways to Ensure Your Games Blow Away The Competition
15. Truth: Australia Can't Handle The Truth! Is Digital Distribution Right For OZ?
16. IGN Black Beta Event
17. The True Australian Xbox Experience: Is It Worth It?
18. Collector's Edition Games
19. Addicted To Too Human
20. Sony: Exclusivity A Thing Of The Past
21. Game Pirates Under Attack: Developers Shoot Off A Broadside
22. Do All Games Need To Be Grade A Blockbusters?
23. Microsoft Live Abuse To End?
24. Consoles Have Batman Fever: He's Breaking Out Everywhere!
25. Top 10 Exclusives We'd Steal For The 360

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Godem3399d ago

cool idea getting the articles seen again once their time in the light is over, they certainly don't stick around on sites like reviews do.

Acj23233399d ago

Yeah, its a good look back on the year and what happened, with some articles sparking some memories.

gaminoz3399d ago

Amazingly most of them still seem to apply.

Wii is still doing well with shovelware.
The battle against pirates continues.
GI Joe shooters are still the norm.
Split-screen is still being ignored (well except for Gears and Resistance and COD: WAW)
Faceplates are still not really being used
Internet still sucks in Australia
Live is still probably not as good value in OZ as it is in US.

Steelspawn3399d ago

Have to agree with gaminoz. So many of those articles still apply 12 or so months later.

darkmurder3399d ago

Sweet, missed some of these articles so its good for a chance to relook at them.