Bungie Removes Push-to-Talk in Halo 3...Sort Of

Kombo Writes: " of the most maddening things about Halo 3 is the use of Push-to-Talk. In any match with more than four players to a team, if you want to say something you have to press the d-pad. What does this mean for you? I'd go like 10 minutes before realizing that my team hasn't heard anything from me the entire match. Because I forgot to use damn Push-to-Talk. Oy. Minor complaint, but something that took away from a great multiplayer experience. "

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NegativeCreepWA3483d ago

Its about damn time. It pisses me off when I have to press a button to talk. At least on Live it does. On PSN it can be a good thing because of all the feedback from peoples mics.

SixZeroFour3483d ago


how can you like that option on one service but not the other? that doesnt really make sense

NegativeCreepWA3483d ago

Because on live everyone's mics have noise cancellation and mute buttons. On PSN a few mics have mutes and none the them have noise cancellation. So when playing on PSN you hear a lot more background noise and the push to talk feature can cut it down.

Bnet3433483d ago

Yeah me too. It's a nuisance. I'm glad they are getting rid of it.

SixZeroFour3482d ago

ahh...ic ic

thanks...never knew that, havent played on psn before

Xlll3482d ago

Yeah sure its better on live right. Scar 360WA <---- the 360 in your name pretty much tells us that your only saying that because your a fanboy.

NegativeCreepWA3482d ago

Look up 360 as an area code, it just happens to be in Washington. Which would explain the 360WA in my name.

Try again.

Itrguy0013482d ago

360WA is an area code its western Washington

CommonSense3482d ago

i think the push to talk provides a good tactical element to the game. if you're being confronted you have a choice, take a split second to call for help or just fight by yourself.

also push to talk is for your team, but ppl can hear you if they are in a close enough radius. not a lot of games do that, and that's one of the features i've always liked about halo. i think push to talk should be on even if it's less than 4 ppl.

the inconsistency is what bothers me.

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CrAppleton3483d ago

I hate push to talk.. LAME.. glad it's gone

outlawlife3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

very much annoying in any game

voice really doesn't factor into lag that much in most game, especially considering that now with live party you can broadcast across to 7 other people all playing different games and it really doesn't effect your connection to games

unless you have a slow connection to begin with mic chatter doesn't really factor in because from what i understand the structure of live compensates for that already with a certain amount of bandwidth allocated for voice and an amount for game

voice suffers before game, which is why you get broken up voice during loading and initial connections to games

they should just do away with it all together imo

edhe3483d ago

Parties make ingame voice functions mostly redundant anyway.

But glad they're doing it.

Kevin McCallister3483d ago

I prefer push to talk. I mean what if my dad comes in the room and yells at me for playing with his glue gun or for not picking up all my Micro Machines off the floor? I don't want my whole team to hear that conversation if I forget to push the mute button.

GameOn3483d ago

You could try turning the mic off.

RebornSpy3482d ago

I think he's playing the role of Kevin McCallister. Hopefully.

But I really dislike the push to talk function in Halo 3, so I'm glad it's removed. Now if only they could get rid of it in BTB...

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