What's Microsoft Announcing At It's CES Keynote

Next Wednesday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will kick off the Consumer Electronics Show with a keynote that will likely involve chairs being thrown and perspiration-soaked Brooks Brothers shirts. But what about product announcements? Um...

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edwineverready3484d ago

Hope they give some news on halo3 odst. or some new tech for the xbox360.

Panipal20053484d ago

Hope they give news on Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo 6, Halo 7, & Halo 8!

Bnet3433484d ago

Surface, maybe a new Zune?, Xbox portable, IDK. thats all I got.

agmsd3484d ago

LOL... a bubble for you...LOL :)

Xwow20083484d ago

LOL.............LOL. :)

Xwow20083484d ago

a VHS driver for the xbox360 and they will say it will replace the blu-ray.:p

just kidding,will have 2 wait and see.

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Theoneneo813484d ago

the only thing i see from MS at CES is Windows 7 nothing more. Perhaps another crapy Zune player that will crap out at the next Leap year

Sean Ryno3483d ago

You are definitely a fanboy. Go away.

BTW, Zune and IPod are nearly the same thing, but look at the specs, Zune is better and cheaper. Despite that, the auto-playlists the Zune allows you to customize and the software on the computer seal the win for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.