Wii Fanboy : Platinum Games Unveils New Logo

Chris Greenhough writes "2009 promises to be a busy year for Platinum Games, home of Clover alumni and all-round awesomeness. MadWorld will be curb-stomping our happy, grateful faces into pulpy mush in March, Infinite Space will grace our DSes, and the company is also developing some game for the others.

Faced with such an intimidating stack of deadlines, the company took drastic action, and designed a new logo. Replacing the old design is what looks like a slightly shorter, plumper version of the PlayStation "P," alongside ... a star? A shuriken? Something great, anyway. Something which will fill the the worker ants with pride and increase output by 493% this calendar year. Oh, and it's all lovingly rendered in "Platinum Silver," don'cha know."

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