Xbox 360 Best Value for Money 2008 Winner

The Xbox 360 has beaten the PS3 and the Wii to be named best value for money console winner of 2008 by gameplayer. They go into lots of detail as to what it was about the xbox 360 that pushed it to the top of the pile, also detailing where the PS3 and Wii had it beat.

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Genesis53363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Obviously written by somebody that hasn't looked up the meaning of the word value.He goes on to state that beyond 2009 he feels that support for the system(360) will start to wane. Yet the more future proof PS3 will likely be supported until 2016. Is it just me or does that seem to be a little more value.

360degrees3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Thank you , for being completely unbiased and not letting "Unfulfilled Hype"(ps3) or "Last Gen Consoles"(Wii) blind the true fans of Video Gaming by Highly recommending the XBox 360 Video Gaming Console as all around Best Value For the Money...Microsoft, I commend you for you continued excellence in the field of gaming by taking on the Previous reigning king that WAS ps3, and taking its crown, and never looking back

SONYFantard3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I don't think X360 worth buying anymore, PS3 is catching up in 2009 and beyond in terms of games quality and quantity.

This article doesn't sound like a professional journalism, it is more like a personal point of view.

Wile3363d ago

LOL How do you get in here so fast. Anything pro 360 or anti ps3 you are at the top of the comment list! LOL!

iamtehpwn3363d ago

PS3 = Wifi, free online, 80gb HDD, + headset (I paid $25 for my USB headset) + Component Cable ($20) = $445

Xbox 360 ($300) + wifi ($100) + Xbox Live 1 year($50) + Controller Charger ($15) = $475

The actual math is the systems costs about the same, but for the core value, the PS3 is slightly cheaper.

GrandTheftZamboni3363d ago

There are few more less apparent components that are worth extra 30$ (wild guess): touch sensitive power button, slot loading disk drive, bluetooth receiver. May be minor things, but they add up to more enjoyable experience.

DaKid3363d ago

why does everyone always add the cost of wireless when comparing the price? I honestly don't know a single person that has the wireless adapter for their 360. You really don't need it to play online, I mean its nice to have but not needed. Especially at $100.

pansenbaer3363d ago

If I had a 360, I would have to have a wireless card. My modem is upstairs with our desktop PC. Unfortunately, the 'family computer' gets the priority when it comes to an internet connection, so I have to deal with the wireless in my console.

DaKid3363d ago

good point, I am coming from a college student point of view. Everyone I know has their modem right next to their main TV (cable). This is mostly why i don't know anyone with one, and I know quit a few people with a 360. its a combination of being poor, and location.

Sprud3363d ago

Instead of wireless adapter you could also add 2 more years of Live.

pansenbaer3363d ago


Yeah I used to live in an apartment and was able to put the modem right next to the PS2 and then the PS3. Those were good days....when I was free...:)

beavis4play3362d ago

that says a lot about the intelligence of whomever wrote this article.

prunchess3362d ago

Can anyone tell me what year the Lada (motorcar) won 'Best Value for Money Winner'?

I bought a used 360 before Xmas for 150 euro with 3 games. That was value for money. As for the 360 itself, I think it's an over noisy bucket. It screams cheap! Not one piece of quality hardware in it!

The sooner the rest of my mates move over to the PS3 the better.

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TheMART3363d ago

The article has some mistakes though which are strange:

"and in the Xbox 360 Premium and Xbox Elite models it has the built-in HDMI port and audio "

Uhm... The HDMI port is on every 360 nowadays. Even the Arcade.

Makidian3363d ago

Hopefully nobody is shocked by this...

Johnny Rotten3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

no kidding, for the price it's a good value, the PS3's price is good for it's value as well. You wanna question value look at the Wii.

Xwow20083363d ago

ur right, xbox360=200$ is the right price for a machine with that specs,ps3=400$ good price for it,s specs,wii=250$ overpriced(but sells alot).

Johnny Rotten3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

actually I was referring to the $300 model of the Xbox and assuming that you pick it up on sale/with a game included or something which is usually the case. I think the $200 model shouldn't even be on the shelves.

Nathaniel_Drake3363d ago

On play asia a week ago they were selling the metal gear solid PS3 for $299

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UltimateIdiot9113363d ago

Honestly, this article is bias. Has he seen Multiplat games recently? Xbox360 upscale to 1080p doesn't mean the game itself is 1080p. PSN is quite good and almost zero lags, I don't see what's so un-user friendly about it.

These kind of articles need to stop.

Xwow20083363d ago

"PSN is quite good and almost zero lags"
u right in that except MGO :the game is 10-30% lags(sometimes) :(

mrdxpr23363d ago

But MGO doesnt neven let u use your own psn so really it has little to do with that ...from my point of view...

Ju3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

[oops wrong reply]

ASSASSYN 36o3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Here comes that but if you add the cost of wifi, and this n that it cost more to own the 360 comments.

"while the Xbox 360 charges $80 a year for the premium service"

And since when did MS charge $80 for a gold account?

11/10/2008 Direct Debit MICROSOFT *XBOX 11/08 $49.99 Inquire $1,644.77 - I guess I got the hook-up. They only took $49.99 from my account for my gold account back in november.

HighDefinition3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Things that break that often aren`t a good value. Simple.

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