DVDfile - "Blu-ray Disc Exceeds Expectations"

The editor writes :-

"Interestingly, two years into the standard DVD cycle, the DVD installed base was only 1.2 million and players were not nearly as inexpensive as $129 [BD players were] on Black Friday." This alludes to the reality that BD is being accepted and purchased at a faster rate than DVD was for the comparable period in each format's life cycle. By the end of 2008, dedicated BD player sales for the year are expected to reach 2.5 million units and are expected to double or triple in 2009. Sales of Sony PS3s are expected to reach 8 million game consoles by the end of December."

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Kotaku_Succs3510d ago

Digital Distribution is not dead

DD makes up 0.1% of total movie sales this year down from 0.3% in may 2008

Parapraxis3510d ago

"Overall Blu-ray Disc player sales are expected to more than triple in 2009, reaching 2.5 million players Europe-wide, excluding PS3s. In France, Blu-ray Disc's market share is expected to double in 2009. In Europe, over 6.5 million Blu-ray Discs have been sold to date; 2008 represents a growth rate of 320%."

Ah yes, as is to be expected with a "dead in the water" format.
Thank god DD is catching on just as quick.
All the means are there to provide true HD 1080p digital downloads to consumers in all of North America.
All the major studios are clamouring to get signed on for DD as well.
DVDs are just as good anyways, ask any expert.

Who doesn't love opposite-land? =D

thereapersson3510d ago

Bubbles, man.

Oh yeah, and I laugh at anyone who says digital downloads and streaming video can match the quality and fidelity of Blu-Ray. How are those compression artifacts and bandwidth limitations treating you guys?

HighDefinition3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Think DVD will be around forever?

How many VHS movies do you watch?

thereapersson3510d ago

Well to be fair, HighDefinition, VHS lasted a really long time before finally dying out permanently. But for people to say that Blu-Ray will never outpace DVD in the near future is ridiculous.

HighDefinition3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

DVD has been around for a while aswell.

The world moves alot faster nowadays.

Interesting info: At the pace were at right now w/ technology we`ll be doubling are technology every 18hrs by 2020. Right now it takes roughly 2-3 years. Also it took from 1900-1950 to double it back then. Wierd huh.

MasFlowKiller3510d ago

I give it another hour before we get another blu ray is doom in 09 article

Sarcasm3510d ago

"as film enthusiasts and home theater hobbyists, will be able to enjoy the best high definition delivery system for many years to come"


darthv723510d ago

but it doesnt mean dvd automatically sucks now. It still has value for those that cant conform. I only have one hdtv in the house but many regular tv's with regular dvd players.

I get certain movies on dvd for the kids to enjoy in other rooms of the house while I enjoy hd goodness in the form of blu and hddvd.

SonyOwnsNextYear3510d ago


I told you so.

I put my work in.

I brought friends to view my xbr5-52 and ps3.

Games wowed them, movies wowed them. Everything, overwhelmed them that they each but their own HD setups FOR THEIR PS3's.

that is the end ofthe xbox 1.5. Gamers with jobs get a ps3 and the crazy hd setups. foulmouthed kids are gonna stay on xbl due to shallow pockets..

whoelse3510d ago

DVD wont die as easily as VHS as a format. DVDs can be used in portable devices and computers which VHS obviously could never achieve.

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Kotaku_Succs3510d ago


DD is dead

0.1% of total movie revenues


kwyjibo3509d ago

You're looking in the wrong place for digital distribution.

Take a look at the popularity services like iPlayer. All the software going onto your fancy smartphones, all DD.

What percentage of revenues do you think mp3s generated for record companies in the days of dialup? It was less than CD quality and took 20 minutes to download a track, that hasn't stopped it becoming the all encompassing norm though, has it?

Can't you sense the oncoming inevitability? Blu-Ray is going to be the last mass market optical format.

ultimolu3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Ho' snap. :o
Bluray is alive and kickin'!

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