Metal Gear Solid voice acting cast improvisation

YouTube: "The cast of the Metal Gear Solid improv as if patients of Sadie's Gaming Institute. They suffering from delusions of being the characters they portray in the game! Yes, this is entirely improv. It was edited for time.

UltraNeko/Dr. Sadie: Sadie
Snake/David: David Hayter
Naomi/Jennifer: Jennifer Hale
Colonel/Paul: Paul Eiding
Otacon/Christopher: Christopher Randolph
Raiden/Quinton: Quinton Flynn "

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Lord Anubis3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )


it's always strange to see those voices coming out of those mouths.

yamamoto1143399d ago

Is anyone else curious as to how someone managed to get five well-known voice actors in the same room outside of their job?

Lord Anubis3398d ago

she is well known. although i don't know who she is she is friends with them and she has worked with them before.

IzKyD13313399d ago

lol, David Hayter is awesome (he also happens to be the writer of watchmen, how even awesome-er is that?)

gauntletpython3399d ago

I still think David Hayter could make a great Snake in a live action movie. Hes got the voice(obviously), some acting experience, and the look.

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The story is too old to be commented.