Microsoft Refuses to Fix Broken Xbox Live Account

Online gaming's descent into a bureacratic social networking hell continues apace, aided by the scripted and unhelpful staff that man Microsoft's telephones. From Qt3 poster RickH:

I set up an Xbox Live Silver account for one of my sons in April 2007, using a Windows Live ID linked to one of my email addresses. This Christmas, he asked for and got an Xbox Live 12-month card so he could play online. ... However, when I try to enter the code, it says it can't connect to Xbox Live. (Which is BS, because I can do it with the other profiles in the system.) After a half hour on the phone with MS's highly scripted but ultimately useless 1-800-4MYXBOX folks, they told me that the Windows Live ID "hadn't been used in so long that it expired." As a result, my son's Xbox Live Gamertag, which logs into Xbox Live just fine to record his achievements, is permanently unable to be turned into a Gold account.

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Sucks to be him.

But thats what you get when you support Microsoft, a big kick in the balls.

elorm93511d ago

But thing is that they tied the account to his windows ID and when that expired they took the live account too. Not sure what MS has to say, but maybe they should'v somehow given him notification about the account expiring or somethin

meepmoopmeep3511d ago

i have had a silver account for a while now and just got a 360
i forgot my old password though so i just made a new account.

anyway, that would suck if you got tons of achievements and couldnt use the same account because of this weird reason.

but yeah, i don't care about achievements or Gold for that matter

so i'll be fine.

NaiNaiNai3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

oh yes thats why its 1 out of the 7+ million accounts. totally, go push your banter in the open topic where it belongs.

also you say that after Sony took away the trophies in home because its was a beta. sony kick them in the balls to.

3511d ago
NaiNaiNai3511d ago

sorry but when i said sony i was refery to how they have done stuff like this as well. but you want to be the annoying fanboy. and i picked my name because of that. its fun watching people like you act like retards over it XD.

GiantEnemyCrab3511d ago

NaiNai is right. One person has a complaint and it's "typical" MS. Typical would mean there are more problem users than there are happy ones. I am a happy user, never had a problem and that cancels this guy out.

No surprised you are the contributer as well as this submission and your comment are garbage.

Sully, this guy is obvious and easily spotted as a 360 hater.

Godmars2903510d ago

Care to give an example of this happening on PSN - exspecially when someone PAID for something.

NaiNaiNai3510d ago

all those hours you spent getting those throphies in the home beta and there gone. same for the ingame voice chat. you say you dont pay for it. yet A. you bought the system, B. you bought the games. C. you bought accesories, which all those things cost less to make then what they sell them for, sony could easily add features. you just to blind to admit it.

not to mention that they just shutdown servers without warning. i may pay for my service but atleast i get what i pay for. you get nothing cause you pay for nothing.

same for cheaters, you get them more then us. why you cant ban them theres no system like that, ban someone they make another account. XD
you say sony doesnt screw you over, yet they do it in every way possible. you can also be locked out your your PSN accounts just as easily, one wrong move and its done, its just like PSU they had a server error and wiped out alot of users accounts, so they had to restore the server, alot of people lost some massive lvls. and yet they pay for it. you seem to forget, it happens everywhere.

mindedone3510d ago

to retrieve the rewards lost in Home.

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jack who3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

* make a new acc*

so easy
let make it news on n4g

Godmars2903510d ago

Guessing that the card he bought is now linked to the limbo account. Since it was registered to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.