The 60 Biggest Games of 2009

A pretty comprehensive examination of the hottest titles to be announced for 2009 that covers all major formats from gameplayer.

"Gaming just gets bigger and bigger. In 2007 it seemed like the industry was at bursting point, with so many awesome games hitting store shelves few could find the time to play them all – even those of us lucky enough to do it for a profession. Then 2008 rocked up and managed to squeeze even more gaming goodness into twelve short months, raising the bar once again for the exponentially growing scene. So what does 2009 hold for us all? Can we expect even bigger and better things?"

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Unicron3517d ago

My PC awaits the moody goodness of Alan Wake. 2009 is another great year for gaming. Hopefully more of the less advertised titles will do well, such as WET.

patterson3517d ago

OK, I actually lol'd at that one XD

kunit22c3516d ago

i know from experiance that Pc, Wii and Ps3 is truely an awesome combo. Sure The 360 would be a nice addition but i would rather not have rrod or have to pay for online so no thanks :)

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Sucks2BU3517d ago

I have ever console, but reading through all that definitely gave me the impression that the PS3 is looking good for 2009. At least at this stage: MS might want to start announcing some more exclusives

rko_kero3517d ago

There are 3 pages for 360 (2 exlusives), and 5 for PS3 (with a lot of titles in Honorable Mention and some titles that were on 360s list but not PS3, which doesnt make any sense unless there are too much). PS3 is winning, for now at least.

NaiNaiNai3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

halo 3 odst
halo wars
velvet assasin
star ocean 4
forza 3
mass effet 2
alan wake
and theres even more. so before you say 2 read into it.

and before you go PC its not in the so called consoles wars, never has been. its simple. if it was even the wii would be loosing.

lelo3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )


colonel1793517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

they put (most)* multiplatform games for the 360. If there is a uninformed potential videogame consumer they will think they are only on 360. It should always be separated as "Best for 360", "Best for PS3", "Best for MULTIPLATFORM" and "Best for PC". I hate that they do it. The same goes for games of the year awards, I mean what is it that best game of the year for 360 and ps3 went to GTA4 (Looking at you GT POS) If it is multplatform, they should have a "BEST MULTPLATFORM GAME OF 200X" is that so hard?, with the exception if there are timed exculives, then they could be in the specific console category.

Whatever, Game media is worse than ever. The best thing is to rely on yourself, and decide based on what you like and you TRY, now, you can't trust what you read, and what you see (GT comparison videos POS)


Blademask3517d ago

Only requirement is new-news about the game or release date from the past, two years. Half of that list isn't even confirmed in production.

SixZeroFour3517d ago

yes...i believe the ps3 line is better than the 360 at this point, maybe even by years end it still will, but sometimes that isnt a good thing

although there will be many great games, some might get overlooked because ppl wont have enough money to get every good game on the ps3 or 360...thus making them choose between awesome not saying this is the case for everyone, but i think for most ppl it is...dont you think?

all in all, great games and hope everyone appreciates really anticipating ODST and APB right now, a couple other games i may or may not get sadly

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Tiberium3517d ago

this is an old article. I saw it a few weeks ago.

Hot_tea3517d ago

Just based on development time and budget..but for me it's Street Fighter IV.
The fact that a new SF game is coming out on consoles is the greatest for me this new year. No more BUSH! And SF IV!!

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