Lego Rock Band in works at TT

A VG247 source has claimed Traveller's Tales is working on a Lego version of Rock Band for EA.

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mrdxpr23483d ago

uhhhh i dont get it istn rock band published by EA... so if they where to make a lego rockband game wouldnt they have to work with EA for them to be able to make RB... and if that happens wouldnt TT be able to work with EA and EA let tt make a harry potter game...

evilmonkey5013483d ago

do we really need this? lego rock band? whats of duty rock band? really, i just don't get the point.... how many of these do we need? will it have lego instruments? someone really needs to get fired.

FunAndGun3483d ago

really? that is just sad.

MasterChief36243482d ago

The only thing I could think of is that Traveler's Tales is working on, is maybe a joke short film or something, for Rock Band in LEGO world. Aside from that, there is no way a LEGO Rock Band is a good idea.

I would much rather have a LEGO Harry Potter than a LEGO Rock Band (and I'm a massive fan of Rock Band).

LEGO Harry Potter seems like the perfect fit for the LEGO universe. I mean, they already have a ton of actual LEGO sets out in the wild. Why not make a game out of it? Different witches and wizards to use, many spells to cast, etc.

Would be a much better idea to go with that than a LEGO Rock Band... Ugh.