GameZone Inteview: TiltnTwist Brings Motion-Based Gaming to Mobile Phones

GameZone writes: "Can motion-based gameplay invigorate the mobile games market? TiltnTwist, a developer and publisher of mobile games, is determined to find out, basing its entire development philosophy around the idea that motion makes it better. "In 2000, Bob [Goodale] and a number of friends of his had invested in GestureTek, which invented, and holds the key patents to, the technology which uses 'camera vision' to allow computers to control things," said Trev Huxley, who co-founded TiltnTwist with Robert Goodale.

"A few years ago, Bob showed me a demo of this technology on a camera phone and I was totally entranced. After building the first game, Tilt-a-World, which was on the Verizon deck for around 18 months, we decided to form a company and build some more. Tilt came out a few weeks before the Wii, so I guess we were pioneers but sometimes one has to 'just go with your gut,' and looking at its success one can only conclude that we were not alone in finding motion controlled games compelling.'"

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