GameZone 2008 Game of the Year Awards

GameZone writes: "Another year in the books, 2008 is drawing to a close, another phenomenal year for the video gaming industry. This year saw record-breaking performances, brand new IPs and the long-awaited returns of several established franchises, as well as quite a few surprises here and there. Yes, 2008 was a huge year, and as it winds down and we approach the great unknown of 2009, it's time to take a look back at the best to come out of 2008.

Following the runaway success of 2007, it was pretty tough to think that 2008 would be able to hold a candle to 2007. However, 2008 succeeded in being just as huge, with high-profile games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Gears of War 2, LittleBigPlanet, and many others sprinkled throughout the year. Therefore, picking the best game of the year can be a very daunting task for us reviewers, especially when Triple-A titles are launching left and right."

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Tiberium3429d ago

LBP isn't my type of game, but it is the most unique (and I guess revolutionary). So good choice overall.

magikmark83429d ago

MGS4 should get GOTY from every site, LBP is a excellent title but it seems like MGS4 is unappreciated, but thats just wut i think, not like it matters, lol

MGS4 FTW !!!

-PINNER-3429d ago

LBP isn't my favorite game this year, but considering how much fun I have playing it either alone or with my 7 year old daughter and what can be created by some imaginative players, I think it deserves GOTY.
Seriously, if you haven't bought the Metal Gear Solid level pack yet for LBP, you are missing out. The paint ball gun addition rules. I can't wait to see what else comes in the future.
God of War level pack please!