Music4Games Interview with Killzone 2 Sound Director Mario Lavin & Sound Designer Lucas van Tol

Music4Games attended the recording sessions with the Nimrod Studio Orchestra at the world famous Abbey Road Studios on November 13-14, 2008 and spoke with the music and sound team including Sound Director Mario Lavin and Sound Designer Lucas van Tol, from Guerrilla Games.

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OMFG i am first!!!!! I have achieved my lifes goal and now i will never do this again in a milion years!! love you all xx lol

Carbide73430d ago

Congratulations...? Lol

Carbide73430d ago

The rousing orchestral score played on Killzone 2 beta's main menu was epic enough. Can't wait to see(and hear) what they have in store for us when it comes out.

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If games don't sell well on ps3. there will not be enough money for new ip's.if you like a system you want it to do well. human nature

solideagle13429d ago

Were there any pieces of music or sound design that you had to leave out?
Mario Lavin: In fact we used everything. The length of the game is around 11 hours. So for the pieces of work that didn’t fit in certain areas, they were put on the back burner and used at a later date. For instance, a nonessential character’s theme had been scored, but gave too much importance to that person. The piece didn’t fit, but was suitable for a dramatic scene further on in the story with the captain’s airship transport. It had been written by Joris six months prior, and was just one example where we recycled previously conceived bar sections.

the lenght of the game is described here.