Ars Review: You're In The Movies is a great holiday distraction

Ars writes: "There is certainly no shortage of mini-game games and, like World War II shooters, they are often uninspired. The same limited set of ideas has been spread across multiple games; it's hard to pick up a mini-game collection nowadays without a heavy dose of déjà vu. Thanks to a simple innovation though, You're In The Movies is a surprisingly refreshing game even if it, like its peers, grows thin after just a few sessions.

Microsoft and Codemasters' camera-centric mini-game collection is the standard fare. You have one main mode that takes up to four players through a series of quick, successive mini-games. The games themselves involve the expected array of camera-based movements; there are few surprises here for those who've played other camera-controlled games. Picture what the inevitable Warioware: Camera Edition will be, and you'll have a general idea of how Movies plays out. One game will have you making a running motion to escape from rabid monkeys, another has you dancing and spreading your hands out to hit on-screen stars in time with the rhythm, and so on. "

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MGOelite3487d ago

so its basically a souped up eyetoy??

"thanks to a simple innovation"

how is using 6 year old tech and new levels innovation

NaiNaiNai3487d ago

lol same could be said about LBP its a platformer with a map editor. mario rip offs have had it for years.