Ars Review: Aquaria is the Mac's underwater Zelda

Ars writes: "With all the holiday gaming recommendations we've made so far this season, we have sadly neglected games for the Mac. While there aren't very many Mac-capable games to recommend, a reader has turned us on to one unique title native to the Mac. Part puzzler, part platformer, and part exploration, Aquaria impresses.

Aquaria began life as a independent Windows title, but eventually made its way over to the Mac in late November, courtesy of Ambrosia Software. The game focuses on the story of a mermaid-like creature called Naija, who is coming to terms with being the only one of her kind in the vast underwater kingdom of Aquaria. As Naija, players explore the underwater world in search of answers about Naija's people, as she recounts her story through voiced narration during the course of the game."

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