Electric Playground: Fracture Review

Electric Playground writes:

"Fracture is not a bad game; in fact it's a good game trying hard to be a great one. Exactly one half of the game is awesome: weapons that deform the terrain by raising and lowering it. This allows you to create dynamic cover and fling enemies into the air buy making mounds of earth shoot up beneath them. When Fracture has you fighting foes or solving problems with these cool tools, it's great. Unfortunately the other half of the game has you running around as a fairly generic space marine type using fairly generic weapons to kill fairly generic genetically engineered foes. It feels like all the creativity was spent on the damage/terrain model. A game like this deserve a better setting. Still, even this by-the-number portion of the game is passable, so we're giving Fracture the thumbs up overall."

• Highly destructable/deformable environments
• Cool terrain deformation weapons
• Lots of multiplayer modes
• Awesome weapon effects

• Run of the mill shooter action
• Dumb AI
• Story sounds interesting, but stumbles along

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