Electric Playground: Guitar Hero World Tour Review

Electric Playground writes:

"I'm sure Activision is going to hate this comparison, but here it is: Guitar Hero World Tour is probably in the position Rock Band 1 was in when it was originally released: a great game, not without faults, most of which were smoothed over when the sequel came around. Guitar Hero World Tour has a lot going for it, including features like the Music Studio that nobody else is offering. I'll enjoy them now, and imagine how much cooler they'll be when Guitar Hero World Tour II (or what have you) comes out."

• Sweet lookin' new axe
• Easier for other positions to activate star power
• Compatible with Rock Band equipment
• Power Music Studio song creator
• Lots of real rockers: Ozzy, Jimi, Sting...

• Hardly any songs for female singers
• Some poorly designed and ugly interfaces

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