Electric Playground: Legendary Review

The game plays much like mythical Half-life; with Gryphons and Werewolves invading Earth instead of Headcrabs and Vortigaunts. And there is often a lot of chaos going on around you, but the player is strangely divorced from it. Part of it is the controls, part of it is that the scripting is too obvious. There are parts where you can be standing next to a gryphon while it does its scripted thing, totally ignoring you showering it with bullets. A few cool looking monsters and some nifty battles come too little, too late. This concept is a winner, but if there's a sequel, it's going to need some more time in the oven.

• A few cool battles
• Certainly is a lot of chaos going on around you
• Great look creatures
• Interesting multiplayer modes

• Weird collision issues
• Floaty controls
• Game often feels like its on rails
• Annoying jumping sequences
• Disjointed story

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