Gamer 2.0: Top 9 of '09: #4 - Brutal Legend

Gamer 2.0 writes: "For the next 4 days, we at Gamer 2.0 will continue counting down the 9 games we're most interested going into 2009. We aren't saying these will be the best games, we're saying we're watching these 9 the closest. Our countdown will end with our #1 game on New Years Eve, just in time to ring in another new year of gaming.

And #4 is…
#4 - Brutal Legend

I hate to sound like a groupie, but Tim Schafer is kind of a god. His games are never played by anyone, so they always fail and it takes him a long time to have a publisher sign him up to create a new game, but there is no doubting the quality of his work. I have a ton of faith in the man, so I'm sure it'll probably be damn good. What's exciting is that Brutal Legend has the underpinning of rock music, and the star power of Jack Black. So perhaps, just perhaps, Mr. Schafer will finally get some much-deserved and widespread appreciation."

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