PSX Extreme: Skate 2 Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "By now you should be well aware of SKATE. It is the franchise directly responsible for the break the Tony Hawk series had to take for 2008, making it the first missed year the series has since its inception. The impact EA had on Activision's skater was momentous, and now EA is looking to expand on their success with SKATE by delivering us an even bigger and better game; SKATE 2.

Taking place five years after the original, SKATE 2 shows you an abandoned San Vanelona that's dramatically changed. Following your unexplained disappearance from the scene, the city was the victim of "the disaster-too-gnarly-to-be-named." This disaster prompted a mass evacuation, and thus the abandonment of the city. A mega corporation, aptly, simply, and amusingly titled Mongocorp, wins the bid to rebuild the city. In the process, Mongocorp employs a series of security measures to get rid of the flourishing skate scene in the abandoned city, but you'll have to fight them every step of the way, showing that you're not willing to leave."

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