Big Download: Our picks for the 10 most anticipated PC games of 2009

Big Download writes:

"In the last days of 2008 we posted up an extensive multi-part preview of many of the games we though might be released for the PC in 2009 (with a few that might not make it until after the year is over). However it's one thing to post up such a preview feature. It's quite another to go through that huge list of games and pick which ones we want to play the most.

That's exactly what we did, though. Out of the over 100 game titles listed in our preview we picked our top 10 titles that we are the most excited to play in 2009. This time we picked games that we are fairly sure will be out by the end of this year although, as usual, delays can and usually do happen. So what are the games we picked and which is number 1 on our list?"

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Cajun Chicken3486d ago

Is that Prototype I see there?