NextGen Player: Unboxing Nintendo Monoploy

The Collector's Edition Nintendo Monopoly. Here are the photo's of the unboxing to show all the different pieces and Nintendo Specific modifications made to the traditional Monopoly Board Game.

What's so special about the Nintendo Collector's edition:

* 6 Collector Die cast Player tokens; Link's Boots and Shield, Donkey Kong's Barrel, Mario's Hat, a Turtle Shell and a Classic NES controller.
* Characters represented from; StarFox, Kirby, Metroido, Super Mario World and Donkey Kong.
* Mario branded Player Cards; ? Blocks and Coin cards (Chance and Community Chest)
* Branded Utilities (Mario Kart and Kirby's star) and RailRoad's (Pipes and Man eating plants Super Mario World and StarFox's two different space craft)

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