Neocrisis: WTF Moment - Twilight Princess

Neocrisis: ON the concept of WTF moments, I wont to tell you about my WTF moment. Mine is from Zelda: Twilight Princess. There are alot of WTF moments in this game like, wearing a fish suit, Talking to a puppet, flying on a giat bird like creature to get fruit, an adorable snowwomen turns into my mom, and then there's mine. The battle against Zant.

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20093245d ago

i have nvr played this game

20093245d ago

is there such a big diff in the GC and the WII?

ChickeyCantor3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Well the gameplay differs due the Wii-mote(like aiming and you can swing your sword while moving), and the game is mirrored.

20093245d ago

was this a system seller?

S1CKLY3244d ago

wow.. can articles with terrible spelling/grammar not be posted please? ffs..

Cheeseknight283244d ago

Can I ask what the point of that was? All he did was posted what you do in the battle. The only WTF moment here is why in the hell did he go to the trouble of reiterating it?

Shnazzyone3244d ago

looks like to exactly said what i was going to. Seriously i don't the wtf aspect. There is totally no point in this at all.