GameZone: Legendary 360 Review

The game tells a compelling story, is loaded with exciting combat, and is chock full of memorable moments. It could have used a bit more polish in certain areas, true, but as an interactive summer blockbuster, Legendary delivers.

Gameplay 7.6
Graphics 7.4
Sound 7.8
Difficulty Medium
Concept 8.7
Overall 7.5

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n to the b3400d ago

played the demo, found it to be just boring...

the minotaur encounter was lame. yes, it can break through walls. through an area filled with ridiculously placed rows of walls obviously created just to show off that aspect, in fact. and the attack animation made, as well as the accompanying cut-and-paste wall-break animation, are repeated ad nauseum. which is just immersion-breaking and lame as sh1t.

and of course none of your squadmates seem to notice or care that u alone have this unfair advantage of absorbing Animus and using it to heal yourself or repel monsters. they're pretty much just there to get shredded by werewolves in front of you so that the unintelligent losers who play this sh1t can go "whoa, that's so [email protected]$$!!!" (oh and that's yet another repeated animation). at least HEROES shows 'Normals' reacting appropriately to 'Heroes', for the most part...

not much to make this game stand out from any other crap shooter, IMO.