GameZone: Penny Racers Party: Turbo Q Speedway Review

GameZone writes:

"On a positive note, because I need to find the good in everything, there is more than four dozen cars to choose from, many of which are real cars. I never got into penny racers as a kid, and my boys only have a handful, so I could not tell you with any sort of accuracy if the cars in the game are based on actual toys from the line. I suspect they are since there is a goofy barrell /Pirate car on the game box and in the game, and it certainly "looks" like it should be a toy. Annnnndddd the controls are so simplistic and unresponsive as compared to more modern racing games, that really young kids can get a handle on it."

Gameplay 2.4
Graphics 2.6
Sound 2.4
Difficulty Easy
Concept 2
Multiplayer 2.4
Overall 3.0

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