A Gaming Retrospective: What I Hate About 2008

Jimmy the Greek writes, "The industry experienced significant growth, several highly anticipated titles were released to much fanfare, and God reminded us of his existence by blessing all gamers with the disbarment of Jack Thompson. The silver lining on 2008's rain cloud is very easy to see. That's not why I'm here though. I don't say 'good will come from the bad.' I'm more the type of person who says, '2008 was a steaming pile of disease ridden shit that will only get worse.' This is what I hated about 2008 in video games..."

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killyourfm3488d ago

...I'm also sick and tired of the Wii...

BUT - I think you're wrong about the PS3 not being a justified purchase. It may sound strange, but the high volume of unique downloadable titles are more than enough to warrant your PS3 purchase now.

Otherwise though, spot on arguments, great article.

bgrundman3488d ago

Don't you think that PSN games are a bit too small to justify the purchase of a $400.00 console?

killyourfm3488d ago

Let me respond by asking you this: Was Tetris too small a game to justify the purchase of a Gameboy? After all, it was just a simple puzzle game with very few modes, but it was addicting as hell.

It's not about the size of a game, it's how much you play it. (Sexual innuendo NOT intended!) I've put more hours into games like The Last Guy and PixelJunk Eden and Wipeout HD than I have many AAA titles like LittleBigPlanet and MGS4.

I got my money's worth by the time I've already invested into the console - and spent LESS by purchasing inexpensive but long lasting downloadable titles.

bgrundman3488d ago

That is a fair argument, because games are about the gameplay, but the barrier to entry is what is stifling the PS3 from being able to grow as a platform.

As a person who is looking to purchase a PS3 very soon, I can say that I would have a hard time justifying a $400.00 purchase to my wife, by saying that I'm buying it for the PSN games.

Don't get me wrong, I have played many of these games and think they are outstanding. I just don't think they are a system seller, that is what your AAA titles are for.

CrAppleton3488d ago

Interesting view on the year..

There were quite a few bad things to look at throughout 2008.. But I prefer to be optimistic =)

bgrundman3488d ago

It is just better to look ahead to 2009.

CrAppleton3488d ago

LOL.. I think a lot of great things came out of 2008.. As a matter of fact. I think 2008 was one of the BEST years in gaming.. so I can only hope for an equal, if not greater, year in 2009

bgrundman3488d ago

Which console had the best year in 2008?

JimmyJames703488d ago

In terms of what? Hardware, games, quality, sales?

killyourfm3488d ago

The Wii, hands down. And thank you to all the idiot consumers who bought all that Wii shovelware, now we'll just get more of it.

CrAppleton3488d ago

In terms of sales? Wii of course.. The Shovelware is never going to end. I love my Wii.. but only for about 4 games.. lol

In terms of technology? The PS3, with its Blu-ray.. Blu-ray has won the high def for sure! Now it's time to focus on games Sony.. =) I'd like to do more with my PS3 than watch movies

In terms of gameplay? The 360.. Nothing can touch xbl yet.. Hopefully Sony will work harder this year to make the PSN worth playing.. Cause right now My PS3 is collecting dust due to the multiplayer experience I get on the 360

thereapersson3487d ago

Yeah, I agree that the online community aspect of the PS3 needs to be more streamlined, and expanded upon, with cross-game features, voice messaging, etc.

However, the game library on the PSN, in my opinion, outclasses that of the 360. It's not only because of the number of unique titles, but also because of the lack of restriction for developers (game-size).

To me, both networks have their advantages and disadvantages; the best network is the one that you as a gamer get the most enjoyment or use out of.

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Unicron3488d ago

What disappointed me the most in 2008 was that companies took chances on new IPs like Mirror's Edge and Dead Space, yet they were not rewarded with sales when compared to big name sequels.

I also think the gaming media sank further into pathetic mediocrity, showing tons of bias, poor writing, and a lack of ethics.

Personally, I feel the PS3 at $400 is a good deal, IF you don't have a 360. But that $300 price point would really, really help adoption, even for multiconsole owners.

bgrundman3488d ago

It is disappointing that the new IPs didn't sell well. Lets just hope that the publishers are still willing to take the risk to fund the new franchises.

roblef3488d ago

I hear your point. I'm wondering what games media you're talking about? MAinstream? Or the newer blogosphere of games enthusiasts with real critic cred?

Unicron3488d ago

Mainstream. Gamespot. IGN. 1up. Edge. All of them. To assume any are unbiased, when humans are naturally biased and opinionated creatures, is just silly. I also think the review score system should be abolished in favor of something that better reflects the changing game industry at hand. Putting a number on fun is just silly, stupid stuff.

from the beach3488d ago

There were plenty of games worthy of your time on the Wii this year, you just didn't bother getting off your sequel-stuffed ass to look for them. It saddens me greatly that you were too 'leary' to try No More Heroes, it was one of 2008's best.

PS360WII3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

No More Heroes is a great game, but the guy and many like him just don't want to enjoy the Wii console so they have to be leary about any games it plays

bgrundman3488d ago

The trick is tiptoeing through the minefield of shovelware games to find the 2 or 3 games that are worth playing this year on Wii. I own a Wii and I would be hard pressed to say that any Wii game other than Smash Brothers would be in my top ten of 2008.

It saddens me, but hopefully Nintendo will do better in 2009.

roblef3488d ago

Exactly. World of Goo. A downloadable game AND a Wii exclusive. There's tons of shovelware for the other consoles, too.

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